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monday twelve

June 13, 2011

1. i’m really glad to have found the beauty department [designed by the amazing bri], and i really love their tutorials – especially this lovely. i can’t wait to try it!
2. i love behind-the-scenes looks, but specifically movies so i was so excited to have found these amazing shots. [via]
3. i’m really loving the use of fabric in invitations and announcements, and i love this whole “we’ve moved” package.
4. i don’t know about beet cake, but this is a gorgeous recipe video. [via]
5. the smithy is the gorgeous home of jesse james. a former blacksmith’s shop, it now serves as jesse’s second home in upstate New York. and it’s for sale.  if only.  [via]
6.  i have been finding so many great etsy shops lately, and new tones is one of my favorites. i love the bow tie necklaces, earrings and lace pieces. [via]
7. another shop and set of awesome jewelry was also found, this time by kristina klarin. i love her simple wooden bead necklaces, and this butterfly necklace. [via]
8. the work of gregory euclide is absolutely stunning, and it can now be seen in the new bon iver album. [via]
9.  this Australian cottage on the coast embodies many things from my dream house – just enough space, wood floors, lots of windows, a nice backyard/patio/porch area. too bad it’s ridiculously expensive [and i don’t live in australia]. [via]
10. and speaking of the coast, sweet fine day’s trip to the outer banks has me longing for the beach even more.
11. i was so excited to finally find out that warby parker is coming out with a sunglasses collection! i have a pair of zagg’s right now, and would love a great [affordable] pair of prescription sunglasses as well.
12.  and lastly, i made churros this weekend and they were unbelievably delicious. and even more so with chocolate sauce. i’ll definitely be making them again.

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