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monday/tuesday twelve

May 31, 2011

since yesterday was a holiday, i decided to put off the twelve until today. it gave me time to do some grilling, go for drives and make this new set up for the twelve.

it’s not quite perfect, or rather it’s too perfect. i have a real problem with randomly placing things, but i’m working on it. however, this new layout does allow for adding in sub-things i want to share without splitting up the square, which i really like….

1. miss moss does some lovely color comparisons, and her latests are just as beautiful – seasons+street style. specifically in autumn. i do love riding with the windows down lately in this spring/summer weather, but i have to admit fall is my favorite season.
2. i love this super simple wedding. two teachers on a small budget tied the knot in a park, rode their bikes to a Brooklyn bar [where they had their first date! so cute]. they and their guests enjoyed a reception of beers, a pinata, and whoopie pies instead of wedding cake. it seems to have been a love filled, relaxed wedding and all the more wonderful for it.
-also how cute are these paper ship place holders? another wonderful, yet simple DIY option for a wedding.
3. in case i haven’t said it enough, i LOVE maps. all kinds really, and i really love seeing all the different ways they can be made. like this contemporary map of the dolly comp campground. [via]
4. one of my favorite cooking bloggers – joy the baker – recently turned 30, and along with many more yummy things she had these cupcakes for her birthday. they look and sound delicious, but i think i’ll take her advice and wait until i have a lot of people to make them for.
– on the other hand i did make this pie this week – one of my favorites i’ve ever made. so delicious.
5. this beauty is the work of anna fewster of lampyridae press, whose love of letterpress lead to researching contemporary book design. she’s definitely saved as a personal inspiration. [via]
6. another book artists i discovered this week is sonya sheets. she specializes in handcrafted book bindings that are absolutely amazing. see more of her work here.
– i found this lovely lady through design*sponge which just yesterday finally launched their new site after a year of work. you can check out all the new loveliness at their new url too!
7. a  great surprise find was the work of joel penkman, with something i can’t say i’ve seen before – at least not at this level. penkman recreates tasty treats with paint in such a way they almost seem like photographs. seriously beautiful work. [via]
8. since joining tumblr i’ve been happy to find two new interior and architecture blogs – the aestate and peace-that was the other name for home. both great sites [with sources – so wonderful!] with so many new and exciting homes and places to visit. [photos via]
9. more wonderful work, in the for of a design package by SEA for GF Smith – full of gorgeous color and simple design.
10. it took me many years to get used to and love my red hair [i longed to be a brunette for most of my childhood], so now i love finding new red headed women to love. like bryce dallas howard and her gorgeous updo, which i can’t wait to try for myself.
11. i posted about this on my tumblr last week, but apparently not on here. a few weeks ago ReadyMade magazine got together with Moorea Seal for the “Show Off That Rock Sweepstakes.” with the prize being one of her beautiful amethyst rings. AND I WON!! i couldn’t believe it when they sent the email, i thought it might be a spam slip-through or a mistake. but i did and it arrived last thursday! i’ve loved Moorea’s work since i discovered it some time ago and getting one of her rings has been on my wish list ever since, so i’m so excited to be the owner of one now!
12. and ending on another personal note, i had a wonderful memorial day weekend complete with a much needed long drive. we all have our ways of relaxing and places to think and driving is mine [that and going to the movies of course – which i did on friday :D]. but my ride on sunday was especially great with a trip to East Bend where i passed a lovely forested area i’d never seen before. other shots from the trip here, here, here, here and here. it was also a really good hair weekend.

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  1. Tori permalink
    May 31, 2011 10:27 pm

    so can you please come help me decorate my apartment and make it look all cool when I get it???

    • daniellegardner permalink*
      May 31, 2011 10:52 pm

      haha sure. i’m always up for arranging and organizing. just let me know when 🙂

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