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monday twelve

May 23, 2011

it was a rather eventful week in my house this week, both for family members and myself – with so much inspiration found, conversations had and new projects started. so here are a few things i loved…

1. i’ve seen it before but this week’s findings really made me more aware of using maps as wrapping paper. i’ve put them on my look out list for future shopping and exploring excursions.
2. another great map idea i found were these chalkboard state maps by Dirsta. i’d love to have a set around the house some day. [via]
3. i absolutely love this fire tower house in montanta – from the architecture to the color scheme.
4. and how amazing is this house located in Gelnhausen, Germany? it has 52 windows and a sliding drawer bedroom so you can sleep under the stars.
5. as always, max’s simple photography is lovely as he silhouettes cliff divers.
6. i really love this idea for pressed herbs and flowers – especially the use of text and aging the paper.
7. a merry mishap is making necklaces now! i already have a pair of earrings and ring, but i would love one of these gradient necklaces. [via]
8. as soon as i saw it, the flavor thesaurus was added to by “books to buy list.” [via]
9. jamie of from me to you has teamed up with gilt taste to create delicious cinemagraphs for their new site. how tasty does the sizzling steak look?
10. with all the nice weather last week i was dreaming of a porch hammock – specifically one with a little padding and pillow for a more comfortable afternoon nap spot.
11. i’m in love with the new site like studio sweet studio, it documents workplaces and places of artists and designers – specifically around Portland. [via]
12. and lastly, i had a wonderful saturday where i got to finally spend time with my closest friend T. we ate hotdogs, watched a hilariously hilarious movie, had some pizza, talked about the rapture [or lake thereof] and took a drive. it was so great to spend time with her and a perfect mini-getaway from all the time i’ve been having to spend at home lately. [photo is my own]

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