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monday twelve

May 2, 2011

With at least a few more weeks of joblessness ahead, I’ve decided to finally get around to doing all the things I’ve been putting off – mainly cleaning. But before I start on the extremely messy [and scary] basement here are some things I loved from around the web last week:

1. I don’t want a big house when I “grow up,” but I may have to make an exception for a theater room like this – or at least a room full of pillows.
2. I’m so excited about Pictory and Etsy collaboration on the art of craftsmanship. I have such a love for handmade things and making things myself and I really love seeing other people’s creations. [via]
3. The organizer of the 10/10 project is conducting interviews with the lovely photographers on the new collaboration Other People’s Houses and you can read them all here. I also already love Anabela’s outtakes from the project, I can’t wait to see what she actually chose – the opening night is in London this week! [via]
4. I’m so in love with this map room – especially that the maps are in between beams. And this map bowl is quite lovely too.
5. With all the pastel hair these days I’m wishing I could dye mine. And I really love the dip-dye style like this braid – it looks like her hair’s been dipped in paint!
6. This Brooklyn apartment looks absolutely perfect – I really like the open wall and doorway.
7. Since graduation I’ve been in the process of trying to figure out what I want to do with my life, while at the same time searching for a job to fill the time. This quote by Ira Glass seems to sum up my thoughts, fears and hopes perfectly, as does this one by Keltie Colleen.
8. This poster is so simply beautiful. The colors, the shapes, the layout – perfect.
9. With all the lovely sunshine and warm weather, I can’t wait to make some lemonade with rosemary today and sit with the windows open.
10. The warm temperatures and sunny skies also have me thinking about plants, and I would love to have some of these beautiful hanging planters to spread around.
11. I’d also be visiting The Palm Room in Seattle to stock up on cacti, succulents and air plants [I want some air plants SO bad. I think they’d survive better than many of the other plants I’ve tried to nurture.
12. Being jobless also has it’s disadvantage when shops I love keep coming out with amazing things.  I can’t wait to get one of Moorea’s beautiful gem rings as soon as I can.

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