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monday twelve

April 25, 2011

busy week last week with lots of family things going on and home rearranging. but i finally made some time saturday to catch up and today to share some things i loved.

1. i love kendi’s stripes-on-stripes outfit – so happy and springy.
2. artist juliana santacruz herrera patches up the cracks in paris with yarn! i just love the patch artwork going on around the world these days [via]
3. suzanne’s giraffe is so cute! i wish i could get her print for myself.
4. these are things made this colorful series of european city maps. they have such a great shop full of beautiful, graphic maps [via]
5. a beautiful use of the accordion fold – the line by saul steinberg. it’s a 10-meter-long drawing on 29 panels about the possibilities of the line. [via]
6. i need this poster to remind me what i’m supposed to be doing during my jobless days.
7. elise and her fiancée have some adorable wedding invitations with the help of two etsy shops. i can’t wait to see what other DIY things she has planed for her big day.
8. an interesting post about letterpress printing with antique type – i really like the silent-movie-style card print.
9. a new photographer to love – eric weeks. he seeks to explore characters within landscapes and the nature of human relationships with narrative photgraphs. i especially love his “nature” series [via]
10. the phraseology project is such a great idea – it takes simple words and phrases submitted [20 words or less] and makes it turns it into a typographic beauty [via]
11. love the tiling in this kitchen, it adds a bit of color to a pale kitchen.
12. i want this book by pierre le hors called firework studies. it keeps a color palette of only blacks and pure whites to portray the beauty of explosions. the photos were even pushed to their limit digitally to add noise which becomes indistinguishable texture from the fireworks themselves [via]

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