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monday twelve

April 4, 2011

Twelve lovely things from around the web last week…

1. one of my favorites of the 1001 rules – and a personal hobby/collection of mine
2. love, love, LOVE this creation and idea – a handmade book made up of collages about making things. i’d love to make a version of this myself and i can definitely empathize with the looong process of bookbinding.
3. oh hello perfect kitchen corner.
4. love this illustration for the new x-men…and would love to see more
5. i can’t believe these are tulip fields – i love when things are planted and create an even more beautiful image from above.
6. my friend ichigo made macarons these week, which inspired me to make some of my own. they were so delicious i might be making them again this week.
7. more simpified posters – these are pictograms of movie posters…so clever and lovely. [via]
8. i have a ridiculous amount of paint chips left over from color theory and can’t wait to make some garland with them for my room.
9. some great advice sent to me by a great friend.
10. a wedding invite made out of wood!! such a beautiful and wonderful idea. [via]
11. i’m absolutely in love with these embroidered book covers. i may even have to buy one if/when they’re released.
12. a great idea for finally doing all those DIY projects saved. [via]

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