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monday twelve

March 28, 2011

here are twelve things i loved from around the web last week…

1. really loving this “W” by Alejandro Paul. and i’m so sad the daily drop caps are ending!
2. flowers are one of my favorite things – and i especially like these dried flowers from Flores del Sol – i wish i had tons to fill my house with. [via]
3. something to make you laugh – how to write a manifesto. i laugh every time i read it.
4. a little romance from where the lovely things are.
5. so excited about jen causey’s latest makers – the mast brothers! ever since i saw the video of them going around the web last summer i’ve kept up with these guys whenever i can. i would love to work at a place like theirs – not necessarily making chocolate, but it just seems like such a great creative environment.
6. a clever approach to font – FontFaces by spain based firm Atipo “joins the expression of gesture and text to create a collection of posters in honor of four outstanding type designers.”
7. a new type of typographic map – in this ALL continents are form only from city and country names. i love it!
8. i think a big kitchen will be a definite in my future home, and this one looks perfect. i especially like how open it is and that the dining area is right IN the kitchen itself.
9. another simplified poster – this one in architecture. i’d love to see even more of new, old, modern, post-modern architects.
10. another great collection of the history in “a brief history of title design.”
11. i’m absolutely in love with the jewelery of jennifer hagler of a merry mishap. and they’re only $5 a piece! i even ordered these two lovelies this weekend. [via]
12. a new favorite designer – kelly carambula. her job description is what i want to be – “…a graphic designer by day, a maker, baker and blogger by night…”

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