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monday twelve

March 21, 2011

twelve new things from around the web last week…

1. this map/suitcase chair and these map pillows are so beautiful..i wouldn’t mind some of those pillows throughout my house.
2. the photography of hanna davis is so lovely, i could look at them all day [via miss moss]
3. the brickbox bookcase is such a great idea, i’m surprise i haven’t seen it anywhere before [at least not for sale that is]
4. i found myself relating somewhat to elizabeth’s post on goals this week…it’s weird not to really be working towards something for once.
5. this looks like the perfect afternoon spot – i find myself in need of many more shelves for my room lately
6. i absolutely love this crossword wrapping paper! it’d be fun to not circle anything and leave the puzzle for the recipient.
7. another great idea – amie spitzer is carving a linocut letter a day for the typeface Champion Gothic [via swissmiss]
8. check out my friend ichigo’s latest pattern – “E” is one of my favorite letters, and i especially love the colors.
9. so many yummy typography designs, it’s hard to pick a favorite.
10. i really like kate’s homemade desk. it’s definitely saved for future inspiration in case i can’t find that perfect desk either.
11. tired of facebook look ups, this lady had kathleen make her a calling card! i like that she put her name pronunciation, and it’s also just a good way to give someone your information.
12. i made sally lunn bread + honeyed brown butter spread last week and it turned out so delicious! and the loaf turned out so perfect, i can’t wait to make more [since i made a little too much butter :/]

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