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monday twelve

March 14, 2011

once again, here are twelve things from around the web last week…

1. i’d love a tiled kitchen like this one.
2. ice is usually bad news in my book, but these ice pools are pretty beautiful.
3. i really need to find a recipe for this s’mores cookie, it looks so delicious.
4. a heartbreaking yet beautiful note from the Titanic – made by blacking out words with a Sharpie.
5. flaws can be beautiful, as Brian’s recent camera fluke proves.
6. how cool would it be to have this camper as your studio?
7. a laughing mouse…just because.
8. a color wheel that doubles as a turn-table – how awesome would that be?
9. a light filled levitation.
10. i would love a print of this lady to hang in my room/studio.
11. a history of movie titles – a wonderful look and read [via swissmiss]
12. and i’m so excited to see more of max wanger’s work on his tumlbr – he recently started it to share his leftover photos!

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