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monday twelve

March 7, 2011

here are twelve things i loved from around the web last week…

1. loving this paper illustrative type. this style is one of my favorites, though i have no patience for trying it myself.
2. some multiples on WTLTA. my favorite is the embroidery thread.
3. another thing i love but don’t love – anatomy [with a disklike for doctors/hospitals/etc.]. but i love everything about this take on the anatomy of type.
4. this looks like a fun way to spend the afternoon. and could i please have a giant earth and tessa’s curls?
5. take ivy has been on my amazon wish list for a while now, but after seeing more of it on miss moss, it’s been moved closer to the top.
6. my friend posted about this lovely lady a while back and now i can’t wait to see where she’ll be levitating next.
7. ever since i read the host, arizona has been around the top of my “to visit” list. but elizabeth’s post on Root’s Lookbook has me wishing it were possible to see it now.
8. illustration + movies? these beautiful depictions of the top 5 movies is a definite inspiration keep. i can’t even pick a favorite!
9. my friend mike has started a new photography project based on type. i’m loving what he has so far and can’t wait to see what’s to come.
10. i hope my hair is long enough to try out the maiden braid this week, if not it’s now saved to try when it is. [i also can’t wait to try out this]
11. another gorgeous daily drop cap, this one by darren booth. i wish there could be a whole other alphabet of guest artists [unfortunately this is the last]
12. so in love with these sun-bleached books installations. i was so sad when i accidentally had similar effects my junior year with some of my books after making my windowsill my book case…and it was of course not as beautiful as these.

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