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November 17, 2010

My to do list…all due before or during the 2nd week of December.

Design and finish 2nd web design project
-Write 10-12 page paper on Aeneas as the ultimate Roman hero
-Finish portfolio site proposition
Design and make portfolio site [take pictures of current work and design logo]
-Do practice books for all binds learned this semester
-Finish research book, print and assemble
-Research and create book based on UNCG
-Design and print several song to book projects for final/senior project
-Study for final Renaissance exam
-Study for final Roman Myth exam

Also to do:
-Find job/determine job situation
-If new job is found, find new place to live
-Move out of dorm and back home or to new place
-Continue work projects at current job
-Finish extra side project

I’m perfectly capable of completing all this…the only problem is actually getting started :/

I guess I’ll just have to keep this phrase in mind until the 16th of December [aka Graduation Day!]

Every designer should have this poster. Tim Gun from “Project Runway” This is my motto for the rest of the semester…

[photo via electrikmuse]

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