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June 7, 2010

there are a lot of pictures in this post. It’s apparently amazing homes day on design*sponge and of course I just had to share them all.

The first is of Susan and William Brinson
I just love their window wall..

And picture wall with many many hanging lights!

And this picture of the knife holder. I’ve been fancying hanging kitchen tools lately.

And this amazing desk. And little map right off the edge of the picture!

The next is of Nikole of Herriott Grace
I am seriously wanting a sawhorse desk. Seriously.

And I wouldn’t mind a walk-in closet. Especially if it looked like this…

And another lovely bathroom. I especially love her brushes holder…

And these were taken by another blogger I love – Celine of Bonjour!

And last, but not least, Irinia Graewe
Amazing hanging lamps and stacks and STACKS of magazines. I’ve started keeping my design magazines, but I’m no where near hallway-shelves-level yet…

This is such a pretty idea for pens. Too bad I’d need about ten more glasses…

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