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birdy II

February 19, 2010

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hello hello again. it’s friday yet again and this week i’ll have my work cut out for me with two school projects, a quilt to make and a baby shower to do. but before i start all that i’ll be 1)going for a drive – as my mother had my car this week and i’ve a desperate need to get behind the wheel again. and 2) i have lots more things to share….

– like how to grow peas and some gorgeous tea

styling the walk of a maternity series and wishing i could pull off oxfords

– new free font kilogram and a branching Y

katie and her kisses – matty’s so cute! also, what is moo doing now?

pothole gardens! and indoor flower inspiration

how to learn from failure

UK online shopping and a whole site of miniature products!

wooden girl necklace

lovely finds stamps and a retro style

some children’s books now on my “to read” list

10 things to love plus great paint ideas

and lastly, some videos for your viewing pleasure:

Why So Serious?

“You Are” by Sherwood


– and people doing stuff

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