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February 15, 2010

it’s a busy week this week. mostly lots of work to finish for all the things due next week. plus my first biology test – 😛 :/ and so, just in case i can’t post as much as i’d like this week, i thought i’d share a little something now.

this is my favorite spot in my dorm room. i actually look forward to moving into the dorm each year, if only for the fact that it’s a new room to decorate. and if you ever get to see my room this year, it’s quite clear which side belongs to me, and which side is my roommate’s – the biochemistry major. this spot is right on the other side of my alarm clock, so everyday after [finally] waking up, i look over some of my favorite things.

like this anthropology frame with my two favorite photo booth pictures in it – one from my senior year of high school and one of my parents [can you guess which is which?] and a little Woody.

my cactus Oscar, with Little Miss Chatterbox, some love and Slinky 🙂

my future cacti….or maybe not.

and Rex on top of the puzzle box my mom got me from Honduras.

it’s such a lovely spot of color in the drab white of the room, i just had to finally share.

i’m off now to enjoy some potpie and a little Order of the Phoenix before biology.

wishing you a happy President’s Day!

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