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the end II

February 12, 2010

well it’s finally friday afternoon. which means it’s the official end of the week for me. are you excited for valentine’s day? anyone who’s reading this? i am, if only for the fact that i get to hang out with [all] my girlfriends for the first time in weeks. we’re going out to lunch and to see Valentine’s Day tomorrow afternoon! and so, before i’m off, some lovelies for your weekend… 

– check out style rookie – a 13-year old girl who’s already a style and blogger genius/star/whatever you wanna call it. she has way more guts than i think i’ve ever had, and she’s making me wanna have some cotton candy hair.

how to clean CD scratches with a banana, marbleize paper and print your own vintage paper designs!

– this house has theater seats in it! as you can guess, i’m quite jealous. and speaking of theaters, the new Toy Story 3 trailer!!!

lovely pictures of a lovely lovely family and the cutest tangerine i’ve ever seen.

– amazing musical sketches. i may not understand the theory, but they are definitely interesting.

– mmmm-mmm. i would love some of these cupcakes, and this lunch please.

– beautifully simple laser cut poster of post-modern chairs.

The Man. a hilariously good ad campaign for a spring 2010 collection.

i was on a blog this week! ok, it’s my friend tiffany’s, but still. and check out her post on children and their toys vs imagination. and what kind of artist are you?

– making a vintage love letters display, a love bulb, and a t-shirt into a laptop case.

this cat is so beautiful it’s making me want one even more.

– i would’ve loved to have won this ring giveaway. i had a [slightly cheaper] version of my own when i was younger…which was unfortunately sucked up and spit out by the vacuum cleaner some years ago :/

how amazing would this installation be?

a raccoon, some yarn, and a gorgeous Q

now i’ll leave you with the wonderful max wanger, who has done it again. and i have to say, i do believe this is my favorite set now. it totally trumps “the picture” [which of course i still love]. and of course, i just have to show some lovelies of said set.
wishing you a Happy Valentines Day 🙂

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