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happy II

February 6, 2010

saturday. i hope your weekend has been slightly better than mine. since it was predicted to snow this weekend, my parents came to pick me up from school. Not more than an hour after we got home, did out power go out. and stayed out until i came back to school around 4 today. so now that my internet is working, and my clothes are finally washing, i’ve decided to share some lovely finds from around my blog universe this week…

like these polaroid frames. you just slip any picture in and it magically becomes a polaroid. [and they’re magnetic!]

max wanger’s shirt of the month is just in time for valentine’s day, and complete with a heart.

i’m not a big horse person, but this horse ring is a pretty spectacular thing.

kulula airplanes were re-branded in this creative style recently.

like joanna i’d love to be visiting a flower market right about now…and be done with all this snow!

a poster made for me 🙂

pie pops! no joke – i had a dream about these this weekend. they’re a must make now.

and rainbow pancakes!! yummm

now i’m off to redo a logo 😛
until later! 🙂

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