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friday finds II

January 22, 2010
it’s been quite the busy first week. my new planner’s filling up with assignment due dates already. but now it’s cheesecake friday once again, so before i go off with the girls here are some great blog and internet finds to start of your weekend.

300 ampersands

lovely wedding gowns by elizabeth dye’s

bleubird is making me want to embroider even more now. and i would mind learning how to make my own waterslide decals

and i especially love this embroidered locket and embroidered states

>no pants subway ride 2010 and a light proposal

now along with a chalkboard wall, i’d like a ikea dry erase wall in my future home please. and a bold wall or two in my own studio.

and speaking of studios…mine future one will probably have a transformation like this as well.

lovely and interesting tights and unique laptop cases

it’s official…i want a gran turismo donna bicycle and maybe this odd bike helmet [and a whole bike wall here]

i also wouldn’t mind one of these tiny chairs [Barcelona please :)]

or this dress, this gorgeous bed frame, or some tea hangers

and i can’t forget some new books, their covers and the perfect bookmark

max wanger has a new TICKET THEMED shirt this month – love love love

and i’ll leave you with the evolution of crayola crayons

happy friday all!

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