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tuesday II

January 12, 2010
it’s a day out for me today. so before i go…an informative post for you:

books for future and current graphic designers – now on my list of “to read” as well

– color me katie has an article about her colorful self in American Way magazine this month!

Display – a curated collection of important graphic design books, periodicals, ephemera & more. [via swissmiss]

– the Top 10 albums that didn’t make Pitchfork’s Top 50

– like Vampire Weekend as i do? flavor wire reviewed their new album [which came out yesterday!!]

50 of the world’s best design blogs – !! swissmiss and fine little day made the cut 😀

who lives here? – new york style

tim burton’s art at MoMA – something i wish i could see

hobbyist that give up their day job to sell on etsy – which turns out to be more work than their regular job

a whole blog of photo helpfulness – like this tutorial on quicker photoshop editing

now i’m off to the lovely dentist and then a movie to myself 🙂 [hopefully this box office hit]

happy tuesday!

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