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here’s a II

January 11, 2010
great observation/telling by my friend Tiffany

“I like to read blogs because I like to know what people are thinking.
I like to look into the windows of houses while I’m walking on the street and imagine the kind of people that live in there, and what they are doing.
I like to observe people, their faces, their actions, and the words they speak. I don’t think its creepy because I’m learning something.
I find it all really interesting. The human condition.
We discover things about the world and the universe everyday. Yet there is less of an emphasis on taking that magnifying glass inward.
Consciousness is a mysterious and beautiful thing. It’s strange and amusing how little we know about ourselves.
Although I feel like if I could just understand what makes people tick, I think I would have the key to unlock all other questions that have yet been answered, about…life, the universe, and everything.
Most importantly what these observations and interactions lead me to, is a better awareness of myself, and a feeling of true involvement in the world…”

check out more of her great blog over on tumblr

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