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someday soon II

December 23, 2009

one of my friends will be receiving this little mini package in the mail 😀

i love love love making things. and i love wrapping things. so last night i made this little envelope of goodies to send to someone just because i could. around Christmas time especially, i wish i had more friends. and no, not so i could get more presents…but so i could give them. and i must admit it’s more so i could wrap more. [i really love wrapping presents] and i’ve had an all time low of gifts-to-find-and-give this year, so this envelope of snow was a nice, easy way to give more gifts….and excuse to finally make something again.

i really, really miss that.

and after i drop this lovely in the mail, i’m off for a day of baking and delivering with my cousin. however, i’ve gone ahead and set some posts to post throughout the day as they were too nice not to share.

and so…i’m off. happy Wednesday!

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