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hello hello II

December 21, 2009

let’s pretend shop at mieke williams today shall we?
it’s an adorable shop in Belgium with adorable things for sale…which i cannot buy, but they do give me ideas of things to make

like this little checklist memo pad – so simple yet lovely.

and this desk memo – with a convenient whole for your writing utensil so it’s always at hand.

a DIY calendar – it’s blank on the top so you can decorate it yourself.

i’m a lover of envelopes as well, so how about these i like you-s?

this leather pencil case would be very nice for my art pencils and charcoal [much less likely to get as dirty as my current white pouch and more easily cleaned.]

how cute are these pinocchio pencils!? if only his nose grew somehow…

and i love this simple scheduler and scheduler S

how great is this smile mask card?! seriously! such a cute idea…

two more of my favorite things, in one – stamps-tape

a string spool set – which i could definitely make myself, but still…

gorgeous and creative white balloon card

and lastly…something i’ve definitely decided to make myself eventually – a travel diary:
i love making books, i have the paper, and i have the envelopes, so why not? plus i’ll be taking a books and images class next fall and probably making a book for my Design Methods for Crafts class this coming spring…so as long as i remember this simple lovely i’ll be set 🙂

wishing you a happy monday! 🙂

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