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seriously II

December 20, 2009

i was in classes with this guy for two years…and i’m totally not taking pictures like that. gah.
i wish i was. or rather, i wish i liked taking pictures again.
maybe soon it’ll come back to me.

while he’s being awesome…check out his superb sketching/drawing abilities too.
😛 😛

on a completely unrelated note…i found out yesterday they’re “killing off” the current Dr. Who. in case you’re unaware – i love some Dr. Who. and i finally like David Tennant and now they’re killing him off….for months now actually, and now his final days are around the new year. but at least they’re not completely killing him and getting rid of the show like i’d thought. now it’ll just be getting used to a new, fresh faced doctor again [little detail – this is the 11th Dr. Who…if you care about that sort of thing].

that was quite a geeky thing to write…

a well, what can you do?

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