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had to II

December 14, 2009

post this before sleep time…because we’ve been talking about this type of bike for weeks now

Vanmoof Bicycle Inspired by old-fashioned Dutch bikes, 28-year old Dutch designer Sjoerd Smit developed VANMOOF bikes – aluminum frame single speeds with coaster brake. What could be a better gift for every environmentally friendly designer. Buy it here
*via [things i have seen]

i still don’t get why a fixed gear’s so great, but they are lovely bikes.
and mom said i was free to take her old bike today! 😀 so after a much needed tune up [probably involving new tires and breaks and other important parts] maybe i’ll finally learn to ride a bike again? who knows…we’ll have to wait till spring to see.

and while i’m here cycling’s golden age as well
*via [a cup of joe]

lots and lots of posting to come now that i’m finally out on break!! and a quick weekend update from the last two weeks is in order as well. SO MUCH TO DO, and i just got out on break.

until tomorrow 🙂

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