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tsk, tsk II

September 26, 2009

i’m thinking of starting a “Christmas wish list” in my favorites to remember to ask for things for Christmas [is that horrible?]

but…mostly i’m just look at the for me, for you archive. i’ve become obsessed with this blog lately and it’s good to know the great posts go all the way back to the beginning.

and so without further a-do…

– check out this beautifully lovely logology book.

yummy yummy and possibly very useful if i end up going into packaging design…or just a nice piece for my future book collection [and therefore amazing library like shelves in my future house]

– i was also excited to find this simple sewing book.

sewing is one of those crafts i know enough about to get by but wish i was a master clothing maker. so this book sounds perfect for a pretty-much-beginning like me

– and lastly…moleskin. i’ve known about them for years and their coolness factor for amazing artists to use and pass around and use some more. tonight i found out they have City Notebooks – notebooks for travel!! how freaking amazing is that?! and not only do they have a Europe guide, but also Asia and North America. and i’m thinking they North America one would be perfect for my US road trip someday. [not to mention the fact that they have a Boston one as well! :D]

that’s all for now. probably lots more to come before sleep finally over takes me again.

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