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due to II

September 21, 2009

car and key malfunctions last night i spent the night at home again, so it’s up super early to make it back in time for my 9 o’clock class this morning.

so…with my little break time before rushing off again i had to share kate’s shop update tomorrow and my extreme wanting of one of these necklaces.

if only i had an extra $35-50 lying around to buy one. oh well. i made some bracelets of my own instead. they’re not too bad either…maybe i’ll post some photos later today.

now i’m off to present my finally finished letter and probably receive yet another project to start on. [the pictures of which are not uploading for some reason. i’ll figure it out later and post them]

wishing you a happy monday!
[i found out last week it’s my friend Valeria’s favorite day of the week! and then i preceded to point out how odd that was as it’s usually every one’s least favorite day. but she always has a good day on monday so maybe it’s not as bad as we all think.]

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