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mini-pooh II

September 18, 2009
i am a huge fan of miniature anything. anything big that’s been recreated supper small is just so interesting and not to mention adorable to me. and so i was so excited to see this adorable art installation on a blog today…

too adorable right!? and in so seeing this adorable installation i was lead to this website full of artists who travel to not only set up amazing miniatures but also do giant murals like the amazing one below…
i love it! i just wish they’d come do some giant chick or big drawings in Winston.
if only.

now moving on…how beautiful is this Diana camera in the edelweiss edition over on spartan?!

just gorgeous. and hopefully one day i’ll have a Diana of some sort myself.
also on spartan…i’m loving these simple earrings and this great idea for a fingerprint necklace and some “sweet nothings” necklaces i wish i had someone to give to me [or to give one to]. they’re just so cute.
pretty great day today. medieval test went not so great, but i’m pretty sure i at least passed. then got out just in time to meet up with the color theory cheesecake gang. headed downtown and got some white chocolate raspberry, chocolate raspberry, sweet potato casserole, a sliver of peanut butter cup, and some kahlua espresso for myself. all delicious. can’t wait till next week! we might even branch out to a different little shop each week.
now i’m off to finish my letter for Letters, Signs and Symbols class, wash some dishes and clothes, and write a paper on some opening movie credits. then it’s home tomorrow to wash more clothes and catch up on some sleep and family time.
wishing you a wondrous weekend and great friday!
p.s. north’s drumline’s playing on WXIII tonight!! just found out tabor beat north :[. but my brother’s the drumline captain so i’m pretty excited about the performance anyways!
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