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darnin yarnin II

September 10, 2009

i have to share a new artist i found from my first Student Art League outing last Friday. while doing the required walking of the First Fridays of Downtown Greensboro, my group wondered into a glass store known as Pluto Gallery and Ellenburg & Shaffer Glass Art Studio. as you can probably guess it was full of glass medium art work, one piece of which i’m still wanting after of a life size portrait on glass. but, some smaller pieces in the studio featured these little birdies, and so were also a favorite due to my love of keeping it simple.

[more lovelies here]

we even had the opportunity to talk to the Shaffer of the studio about his work and i personally asked about the lovely portrait painting and have now learned how painted glass works. and after finally visiting their website i’m very tempted by their fused glass classes going on in October. if only i had $135. :[ [p.s. the glass fuse-er of the two-Mr. Avery Shaffer-uses a grand piano kennel!! we all saw it in the store and figured it was just an artistic piece, but after perusing the site i’ve discovered it’s actually where he fires the glass! how awesome is that!?

however, i may be participating in a knitting night of sorts once or twice a month after talking with a few ladies at gate city yarns who informed me of regular meeting times each month and offered to help me move on from half finished scarves to real projects.

and now it’s off the watch a little sex in the city before going off to sleep. home again tomorrow to do more painting and picture taking for next week as well.

wishing you a happy Thursday!

[photo via here]

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