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January 5, 2009
this year for christmas i decided to make my presents. i knew i really wanted to draw/make something for each person, so i decided on CDs. i created playlists for each of my 5 people and then designed the cover art to go with it.
originally i was going to do something similar to the music project, and just pick one song to illustrate. however i came up with this idea pretty much a week before christmas, so i ended up drawing cities instead.
these first two were for my cousin. she was the only one to get two CD’s, as one was originally her birthday present.
her city was similar to the one i did for my mom, but was a slightly bigger town (i had somewhere like Charlotte in mind). therefore it has apartment buildings as well skyscraper office buildings and a hospital.
the second CD.
since she was getting two CD’s, i wanted the covers to relate to each other somehow. so i made one big drawing and cut it in half.
these are the two covers together.
this CD was for my brother. his was the only non-cityscape of the 5 covers. i wanted it to be like the downtown family neighborhood, so i based it off the neighborhood where Peter Parker lives in the Spiderman movies. the family-ness was shown with the skateboarding kids, and his was the only one with people.
this CD was for my mom.
her city is the small downtown type. it was the first one i put trees in, and has more apartment buildngs and little shops than the others.
this was for my dad.
i knew i wanted his to be a bigger, busy city, so i based the cover off a picture i took in Philadelphia. i tried to add to the big and busy aspect by incorporating the highway as well.
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